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As of 10 September 2012


Our Mission is to provide quality Naturopathic products and services to our world-wide customers and Our Vision is to produce a healthy, fit and educated member base. To that end Living Force Health & Wellness continues to address disease prevention, community health promotion and general wellness.
We also promote Products and Self Study tools to assist individuals with a broad ongoing Holistic Self Education and helpful information in order to achieve this goal on all levels.
We Promote an Anti-Aging, healthy life style for all, through our range of Holistic Naturopathic Health Products and services, Addressing Detoxification, Nutrition, Boosting the Immune System and Quality Relationships with ourselves, others and the Earth as a whole.
Because of our Product’s UNIQUE Manufacturing Process it contains No Fillers and No Additives of any kind, means that we can focus on therapeutic dose rather than RDA, promoting a product of superior efficacy that works.
Any who want to take responsibility for their own Health, Wealth and Happiness can begin to acquire the Knowledge and Know How TODAY. Remember Learned Helplessness is your ONLY barrier to Self Mastery and SUCCESS.
We respect ALL disciplines and professions dedicated towards the goal of health on all levels. The information we bring you on this website is based on the experiences and insights of many outstanding pioneers from around the world who had studied and practised the science of Health, Wealth and Happiness.

A Short History About Medicine


2000 B.C. ---- Here, eat this root.


1000 A.D. ---- That root is
Here, say this prayer.


1850 A.D. ----That prayer is

Here, drink this potion.


1940 A.D. ---- That potion is snake oil.

Here, swallow this pill.


1985 A.D. ----That pill is

Here, take this antibiotic.


2005 A.D. ---- That antibiotic doesn’t work anymore.


Here, eat this root….












Our History


Who Are We?

We are a team of like minded individuals and Health Care Practitioners who see the world in a holistic light, Spirit, Mind and Body. We believe that all three in synergy and balance brings good health and wellness. Our strength lies in co-operation between a network of leading breakthrough Researchers, Doctors, Pharmacologists, Bio-kenetisists, Traditional African Herbologists and other Professionals from around the globe.


Since 1988 we have been drawing on their knowledge and expertise in both modern manufacturing methods as well as ANCIENT formulations to create products that have no equal. The Living Force range of products are designed to help people cope with the stresses of modern living, supplementing poor diet to help the body get rid of pollutants and toxins absorbed from the environment and chemical additives in our food.



Providing, through select individuals, people of all classes with Products and Services for Body, Mind and Spirit, to live a YOUNGER, Healthy and Happy life.




Providing People, through a network of trained skilled and committed Consultants & Members, with the means, through affordable quality Natural Products and Services, to lead a Healthy, Balanced life.

 Living Force continuously strives to improve its range of Products and Services.

We strive to be and remain the preferred Product provider in the Health Care market for personal, herbal, nutritional and home care health products.

Our Consultants and Members achieve financial and personal satisfaction through personal growth, client service, community involvement and the backing of high quality appropriately priced products and services. 

We share a vision of, and commitment to, quality products and life enhancement. This is achieved primarily through Living Force’s product line. All products are manufactured in accordance with standardised Naturopathic principals to achieve the highest possible potency, to benefit the TOTAL PERSON. Our Products are 100% natural, have no fillers or additives and are based on Therapeutic dose rather than RDA. 


We value input from our Clients, Consultants and Members in order to improve our products and services. That is why we are committed to an open line of communication with our Consultants, Members and Clients, always being available to them for support and advice.